12V / 24V Multi-Function Jump Starter

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The 12V / 24V Multi-Function Jump Starter is the perfect standby for jump-starting 12V or 24V engines! Its 99.9wh capacity means there is plenty of power on tap when you don't have access to Mains power. It can be used to power your spotlight for those night time hunting trips, recharge your mobile phone, tablet, or GPS and even features two LED flashlight (front and side mounted) each with three different modes of operation.

Emergency Start Jumper Cables
• With 12V or 24V plugs.

USB Charging Port Charger Adaptor
• Charge your cell phone, tablet, GPS or 2-way radio.

Cigarette Port Charger
• Charge the Jump Starter battery from any vehicle that includes a cigarette accessory port.

Main Power Wall Charger
• Charge the Jump Starter battery from any Mains power outlet.

Two Built-in LED Flashlight
• Side-mounted with three different modes - Illumination and fast and slow red and white light flashing
• Front-mounted with 3 different modes - Illumination, strobe, and S.O.S.

User Manual
• Covers operation of the Jump Starter.

Accessory Storage Bag
• Keeps the accessories safe and all in the same place.

• Emergency Start: 24V trucks, 12V diesel and gasoline vehicles, motorcycles, speedboats, and snowmobiles.
• 5V/1A & 5V/2.1A dual USB output - Charge cell phones, tablets, and other mobile devices.
• 12V/10A cigarette lighter output - Power supply for air compressors, car refrigerator, dust collectors and other 12V devices.
• Two LED lights (front and side) - 3 modes: Illumination, strobe, and SOS.

• Dimensions: 200 mm x 164 mm x 90 mm
• Weight: 1.5 kg
• Battery capacity: 99.9wh
• Output: 5V/1A; 5V/2.1A; 12V/10A; 12V/24V jump start
• Input: 12V-24V / 2A
• Full charging time: Approx 7 hours
• Peak current: 12V/800A; 24V/600A
• Operating temperature: -20 ºC ~ 60 ºC / -4 º F ~ 120 ºF
• Protection: Short circuit protection, overcharge protect, and discharge protection
• Lifetime: > 1000 cycles.

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