'Do All Outdoors' Clay Cannon Thrower

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The Clay Cannon is the first ever handheld clay pigeon launcher that will throw a mix of clay pigeons at one time in almost any direction you aim.

Cock it, load it, aim it, shoot it – it's that easy to quickly throw high-flying clays with the Do All Outdoors Clay Cannon. Now you don't have to pay hundreds of dollars to shoot some clays with a buddy. This clay thrower can fling 3 sizes of clays: minis, midis and standards. It's so versatile it can even rocket single, stacked and nested clays into the sky. Pick up a Clay Cannon from Do All Outdoors and start having fun.

• Easy to use
• Flings high-flying clays
• Throws minis, midis and standards
• Rockets single, stacked and nested clays
• Affordable fun

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