LightFORCE Handheld 170mm HID 35w Spotlight

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This new product features a built in ballast and ignitor into the base. This proves to be an excellent design and not only reduces the overall size but also keeps the whole unit water resistant. The power and light of an HID really needs to be scene to believe how much light it gives off and the performance. Lightfoce debuted their first HID back in 2001 with the legendary Rod Hall’s Team Hummer . That victory and those to follow placed LIGHTFORCE at the elite edge. Design awards, industry and user accolades continue worldwide. Twice the power and twice the battery life!

Outdoor Shop has conducted independent testing of this upgrade kit. Our findings were remarkable. Testing showed that visibility was increased by over 100%, The kit runs at an operating current of 4 amps with a peak at start up of 6 amps. The standard 100 watt bulb runs at 7.6 amps so with the upgrade kit your battery will last trice as long.

- LIGHT OUTPUT: 1 lux @ >1110+ yds / >1050+ m
- 12V 35 watt HID
- 170mm diameter
- Focus from a wide beam to a spot
- Compact but surprisingly powerful
- Built-in recoil compensator
- Elevation adjustment
- Shatterproof Polycarbonate (Stronger than Metal) Construction
- Shatterproof Lens
- Computer Designed Parabolic Reflector
- Coil Cord length is: 1.2 - 4.2m extended

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