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Mattarelli are world class clay target throwers used at the highest level of competition. What sets these throwers apart is they are designed by Olympic champion Ennio Mattarrelli himself.

About twelve years ago, Mattarelli decided to start building bunker traps. Coming from a gun background it was only natural that he design his trap using a leaf spring as opposed to a coil spring. Leaf springs had been used in the guns for hundreds of years, dating back all the way to flint lock guns. The power curve of a leaf spring has the added advantage of releasing energy gently at the start, then accelerates to terminal velocity through the stroke, much like a perfect golf swing. The result is less broken targets.

The objective was to build a machine strong, yet simple enough that everybody could understand the function just by looking at it. It's form speaks for itself, it’s simply the best machine on the market.

This thrower has a tool free spring adjustment handle which makes it so simple to adjust your speed and distance. It has a single piece solid arm and solid plate for very consistent throwing.

This is one of the classiest clay target throwers on the market made from the highest quality components.

Includes a 50m release cable.

• Dimensions: 60 x 60 x 71cm
• Weight: 50 kg
• Capacity: 270 targets
• Target Type: Standard
• Motors: 12V DC
• Throwing Distance: 60m

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