Terminator Twin Tornado Decoy Machine With Decoys

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Terminator Twin Tornado Motion Decoy Machine

More true-to-nature, attention-grabbing motion means more birds locked and committed to your decoy spread, and take it from us, ducks pull into it like it's a magnet.  Nothing creates more life-like motion than the Twin Tornado system. With a powerful 12-volt motor rotating two of your favourite spinning-wing decoys in a 2.5m diameter circle, it effectively creates the appearance of live birds funnelling into your spread. Simply attach the two supplyed decoys and activate the 12-volt motor. The steel construction permits season after season of use in the harshest elements. 

- Create instant activity & pulls down high-flying ducks
- Rotates decoys in a 2.5m Circle
- Just attach the supplied decoys
- Remote Operation
- 12 volt battery included
- Power cord with battery clamps included
- Ducks aren't weary of it 

- Approx. 8 feet from tip to tip of arms
- 2 Speed control for adjusting to wind conditions
- Remote included
- Operates off of 12 volt battery (included)

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